Chandrasena Sriramoju
Chandrasena Sriramoju
- Convenor

Dear Members,

Hello Everyone,

Being selected as the convener for the Telangana American Telugu Association (TTA) Mega Convention 2024 at the Seattle Convention Center is a privilege and source of immense joy. It is a humbling experience to contribute to the bi-annual celebration of Indian, Telugu, and Telangana culture while highlighting the positive impact of TTA within our communities and inspiring future generations to join our mission.

This upcoming event marks a significant milestone as the largest Indian convention in the greater Seattle area. Countless committees and dedicated TTA members, both in the USA and India, are working tirelessly to ensure this becomes an unforgettable and pioneering gathering. It's poised to be an unforgettable moment for TTA, its members, volunteers, and all participants. Beyond showcasing our cultural richness, this convention will delve into political, spiritual, business, youth, and women-centric themes. For the first time, it will shine a spotlight on the might of Seattle's IT sector. TTA conventions are renowned for their cultural and entertainment programs, and this one aims to captivate our community by welcoming distinguished personalities from Tollywood and Bollywood.

This convention presents a splendid opportunity to relish authentic Indian cuisine, indulge in captivating entertainment, showcase local talents, and engage in networking and shopping experiences featuring international products, exhibits, boutiques, and jewelry stalls.

I eagerly anticipate a massive turnout at this Mega Convention in Seattle, where we'll create enduring memories and unite to support TTA's endeavors.

Chandrasena Sriramoju
Telangana American Telugu Association Mega Convention 2024, Seattle.